Monday, April 22, 2013

Cooking With David*

Got back to school after Spring Break to find that I wasn't "officially" scheduled to actually teach for another couple of days. Good thing I had pictures of the tarte Tatin I had cooked a few days back...

Here I replicate the slightly weird method of the original recipe I used. At least it's easier to explain than the usual "saute' the apples in melted butter mixed with sugar" approach. 

The final result in place. At time of writing, I saw at least one kid diligently copying down the instructions for later reference. English Teacherman's  work here is done, ladies and gentlemen! 
*But of course, the title of this post is a reference to the offbeat Cooking With Dog series of Youtube videos! Here, have a link:

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Here's the control panel of the treadmill at my "local" (45 min away) gym-- which, apart from demonstrating that I don't exercise enough, also shows off its charming "game" feature: displaying your calories burned as various Japanese foods and drinks-- many of them, not surprisingly, drinking party fare ("1 glass of beer", "1 shochu highball", "one plate of sashimi", etc) Can't but help thinking that their estimate here for tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet) is a little lean-- or should I say, the machine is telling porkies?