Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another small taster of events ongoing: Last week and this, I've been circulating around the 9-odd elementary schools in the Oga area-- which means I've been finding myself over and over wandering the halls of unfamiliar buildings (largely empty thanks to Oga's declining population ) between classes,and occasionally, as I did on Monday, getting quite lost. So it was that I found myself down a wrong corridor on my way to the staff restroom at Funaichi Elementary, and found myself in the students' instead. You'd hardly know the difference-- except, of course, that this was posted over the toilets:


  1. Okay, two questions. First: can we get a translation of the text for us non-japanese speaking types? Second: any bets on what is in the little girls room?

  2. I'd bet the little girls' room has a smaller poster on how to use Japanese squat toilets (not that I intend to check it out). The text is approximately as follows:

    Left panel: "Stand in front of the urinal and don't spill any to the sides"

    "Make sure to stand close"

    "This is too far away. Stand a step closer".

    "[When using Japanese-style squat toilets] get as far forward as possible".

    "Release the flush button as soon as water begins flowing".