Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Facilities

The tour video of my apartment at AIU seems to have been an object of considerable interest, so in a free moment this weekend, I made one for my apartment here in Oga. In two parts due to length restrictions.

"Green House A Funakoshi" is, from what I can tell, a fairly typical apartment for this area (although detached houses predominate, this being the country.)  The layout is what is referred to as a 1 LDK, expressing the fact that 1 room supplements a Living Dining Kitchen space. It's cozy, but quite liveable, being about 20% larger than the room I shared with Kazuma at AIU. Heck, from what I can tell from looking at the other tenants, I could get a partner and a small kid in here easy! Let me know if I missed anything else you'd like me to video...
A cozy evening meal in front of NHK.

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